Support Sessions

Objective of the support sessions:

The objective of the support sessions is to help you plan and execute your ToK essay / Language Acquisition written assignment of ab initio / language B SL (for French and German).

Options available for these sessions:

Walk-in sessions

Skype sessions

The entire interaction will take place exclusively through one of the two options mentioned above and a combination of the options mentioned above will not be permitted. There will be three mandatory sessions lasting one hour each which we would expect you to avail of. Beyond this, if required two additional hours will be provided at no extra cost.

The address for the walk – in session / the skype id for the skype session will be provided on confirmation of the session.

Prerequisites for these sessions:

Five days before the confirmed sessions take place, it is expected that the student emails the chosen ToK question / Language Acquisition written assignment main topic along with the sub topic to

What to expect:

The three (possibly five) sessions will involve an interaction leading to:

In the case of ToK, identification of the knowledge question, selection of examples for claim and counter claim, interrelationships between ways of knowing and areas of knowledge and development of knowledge issues.

In the case of Language Acquisition written assignment for ab initio, selection of a relevant topic where cultural comparison is possible, identification of points of differences and / or similarities, answering the three questions given by IB for reflection and linguistic support to execute the task in the chosen target language.

In the case of Language Acquisition written assignment for language B SL, selection of a topic area if required, identifying relevant sources and constructing the rational followed by actual execution of the task with linguistic support in the chosen target language.

In all the above cases, the task will be entered in turnitin software and an originality report will be generated for the satisfaction of the student. This copy in the turnitin software will be deleted to avoid self plagiarism when your school enters your task in turnitin once again.

What not to expect:

Ideally, the three (possibly five) sessions would be sufficient to help you complete the task. However, this is subject to your ability to see our viewpoint. We offer you with the very best of intentions, the very best creative ideas. This is based on several years of experience. While your constructive participation is appreciated, we may not have much time to tarry on a particular argument put forward by you. This will only result in delaying the successful outcome of your task. We shall try to provide reasons for our arguments but if for reasons of you not being convinced, the sessions prolong, you may have to book additional sessions at additional cost to complete your task.

Payment terms:

The total sum for the three mandatory sessions (for Language Acquisition written assignment in ab initio/ Language Acquisition written assignment in language B SL / ToK essay ) is INR 10,000/- whether this takes place through skype or in person.

No refund of any payment will take place.

Booking the sessions:

For the walk- in sessions and the skype sessions, please fill the communication form in the “book a session” link. All the five sessions (three mandatory and two extra) will have to be booked together by paying the total sum for the sessions prior to the commencement of these sessions.

Once we receive your first communication requesting for your sessions, there will be an email exchange between us to confirm a mutually convenient time slot and dates during which the sessions will take place along with the bank details for the online payment to be made. We would like the payment to be made within 48 hours of this communication. Till such time, the session will not be confirmed. This will happen only after the payment is released at our end.

After a mutual agreement to the sessions and after the payment has been made, it will not be possible to change that time slot nor will any refund be possible.

Precautions to be taken:

After the support sessions, kindly avoid discussing your work/s with your classmates as this will reduce the possibility of your ToK essay/Language Acquisition written assignment being unique and create commonality and increase the chances of unintentional plagiarism. Further we understand that you trust us as we will confirm that we will have removed all traces of your work/s from our system at the end of the sessions.